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Peering with us

Thank you for your interest in peering with us. Our peering information is as follows:

About us

We are a content publishing and distribution network, offering a high performance content distribution network worldwide.

Network Architecture

We employ a network of "cache nodes" set up at various POPs around the world. We are able to cache 90-95% of the content of sites we manage at each POP, giving you and your customers low latency high speed access to our content. Peering with us will save a transoceanic hop, allow faster downloads, and unthrottled access speeds.

Network Locations

Location Facility ASN Details
Chicago Equinix AS19255 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Equi6IX: 2001:504:0:4::1:9255:1
Tokyo TRC-C Building / Equinix AS26943 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Private peering only
Amsterdam SARA AS26943 10/100/1000 Ethernet
More peering locations added soon

Peering requirements

We do not require contracts, ratios, or any fixed number of locations. If you peer with us, we'll cache or haul the traffic to our peering point for all of our static content.

Our only request is that you only send us traffic over our peering connection that is sourced from prefixes you're announcing to us. We have limited transit connections available in some instances, if you're sending us traffic that we can't return over our peering connection that forces us to use transit, we may discontinue our peering session with you.

Do not export prefixes sent to you over our peering sessions to other parties, unless you're announcing their prefixes to us as well. Our peers may receive more specific announcements in some cases, that are not intended for worldwide propagation.

Peering details

Max prefixes: 32 (suggested)
MD5: Supported, not required
IPv6: Supported and used.

Contact info

All inquiries may be sent to for immediate reply.

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